Plumbing issues can cost you on your utility fee and in damage to your space.

When you need skilled plumbing services in Port Clinton, Ohio, look to the local pros at Ohler & Holzhauer Inc..

Our expert plumbers offer a full range of resources, from water seepage repair to water heater installation. We’ll get there in a fully prepared service vehicle reinforced by an in-house components warehouse. This ensures we’ll be able to get your equipment working quicker.

Call us at 419-465-8722 for emergency plumbing service. Or contact us online to schedule a plumbing fitting appointment.

Ohler & Holzauer specializes in these plumbing services:

  • Repair on faucets, toilets, showers, tub drains and tub faucet
  • Hook up washer and dryer hose.
  • Hook up shut off valves for washers
  • Well Tanks – Replace, fix pressure switches
  • Well Pumps – Repairs, replace deep and shallow wells
  • Dig in water service – rural water – dig and hook up water spigots
  • Replace & Install hot water tanks
  • Replace & Install new faucets, toilets, sinks, shower heads
  • Any gas leaks or line
  • Run/dig new gas lines underground
  • New Backflows and Backflow Certification

12 Indications You Need a Plumber

Certain plumbing problems, such as a leaking pipe, are obvious. Others aren’t as pronounced but have the potential to cause a lot of destruction in your home.

While you can attempt to fix some of these plumbing challenges on your own, you may end up making them worse in most cases. Expert plumbers have undergone specialized training and have years of hands-on experience.

Listed are a a handful of circumstances that necessitate the expertise of a local plumber like Ohler & Holzhauer Inc..

Water Drips

1. Leaking Pipes

In the cold season, water can freeze inside your pipes and cause pipes to break. A burst pipe can cause flooding and considerable water damage in your house if it’s not fixed immediately.

If you think you have a leaking pipe, the initial step is to shut off your home’s water supply. You’ll do this at the main water shutoff valve, which is usually located in your utility area or basement. Twisting the valve clockwise will disable the water.

Then reach out to us at 419-465-8722 right away. Whether it’s behind a wall, in your backyard or under your house’s foundation, we’ll be able to locate the burst pipe and mend it quickly.

2. Water Dues Keep Increasing

If you haven’t used more water than usual and your bill doubles, there’s a good likelihood you have a water leak. Sometimes your payment will go up a little. It’s tougher to detect but will typically become more obvious as the leak expands.

It could be hard to uncover a water leak without expert assistance. However you can check your water meter to find out if the leak is inside or outside your home.